Dear JEFCOED Family, 

We are releasing our Roadmap for Parents and Students.  I hope it will provide you at least some clarity about the next school year.

Also, please understand this is the first of many communications we will be sending out in the coming days and weeks.  Starting next week we will be working to educate our parents and students more about these options and providing more information about other aspects associated with returning to school.

Once we finish educating our stakeholders we will be putting out a survey to parents so they can make an informed decision about their child’s future.

Thank you for your patience.  I know you want all the answers.  I desperately want to give you answers.  However, we have to be methodical in our decision-making process.  

Please stick with us.  

Stay united!  Stay healthy!  Stay #JEFCOEDSTRONG.  

We are in uncharted waters, my friends.  But make no mistake, we’re going to get through this together


All the best,


Dr. G.