Live Graduation!

New 2020 Graduation Plan for Shades Valley High School

Date: June 3rd (June 4th or later if there is inclement weather)
Time: 9:00am
Location: Shades Valley High School Football Stadium

1. Each graduate will receive 1 ticket voucher that has been embossed with the SVHS seal that will admit 4 guests.
2, Each voucher must be presented by the entire party at the stadium entrance beginning at 8:00 am.
3. Stadium seating will have 4 person ‘blocks’ taped off and numbered, and will have at least 6 feet between each ‘block.’ There will be certain boxes that are wheelchair accessible, and there will be ‘double’ blocks for the 6 sets of siblings in the class.
4. Upon presentation of voucher, one member of the party will draw a number to determine which ‘block’ they are to sit in, and they will report to the block and stay there for the duration of the service.
5. Seniors will report behind the gym upon arrival at 8:00 where they will be directed to alphabetically line up by prewritten chalk numbers on the road that maintains 6 ft distancing.
6. Seniors will be given directions for the service and then process to the stadium
7. At the stadium, the seniors will be seated in the visiting stands in pre marked seating that maintains 6 ft distancing.
8. At the time of diploma presentation, the graduates will process across the field to cross the stage and receive their diploma.
9. Guests will remain in their blocks until the graduates exit the stadium.  Guests will then be directed to exit via the 2 gates in an orderly fashion by block, maintaining 6 ft. distance between families, reporting directly to their vehicles.

**All graduates and faculty assisting with graduation will wear masks. Graduates may remove their mask while crossing the stage and having their picture taken, but must place the mask back on immediately after the picture.