First Day of School Information

Important Information for the First Day of School


We are looking forward to welcoming all students to CCHS tomorrow morning. We wanted to send a few reminders so that we can start day one as smoothly as possible. Most importantly, per Jefferson County Board of Education, masks are not required but are strongly encouraged for students. However, students are required to wear a mask while riding a bus 


Some other things you will need to know for tomorrow:


1) The tardy bell rings at 7:55. Please be on time and in your homeroom before the tardy bell rings.

2) Parents, If you are dropping off students, we ask that you only drop off in the car line which is located in the lane that runs between the gym entrance and annex building. No student should be dropped off at the front doors, in the back parking lot, or in the annex parking lot. Dropping off in non-designated areas causes a safety issue. Doors will not open until 7:20 for students that have been dropped off.

3) When students enter the building tomorrow morning before 7:45, they may only go to the lunchroom if they are eating breakfast. If they are not eating breakfast, they must go to the gym.

4) Students, you will need to pick up a new pink colored schedule in the morning. Any other schedule will not be accepted in your homeroom or classes. Everyone must have a pink schedule. Schedule pick up locations are as follows: 9th grade- Practice Gym, 10th grade- Auditorium lobby, 11th grade-Gym Lobby, 12th grade- Media Center. 

5) Please make sure that you have completed all required registration forms using your snap code that was emailed this Summer.

6) Students will be allowed to carry backpacks. Headphones are not allowed in the hallways nor in the cafeteria. 

7) Parents that still need to register may enter at the front door to line up beginning at 8:00 AM. We will not begin registration until we get all of our students in class.

8) The bell to release students for the day is at 2:50. Students who are car riders will be picked up in the carline between the gym entrance and annex building. Students who ride the bus will be directed to the bus landing. Any student who needs bus information can refer to the school website 


Once again, we are looking forward to welcoming all students tomorrow morning! Have a great evening!