IF you're having trouble logging on...


First, make sure you are using the correct email and password. This information was on the top of your schedule in the Remote Learning Packet you should have picked up from the school. They are still available in the front office if you haven't picked yours up yet. 

Second, the new email format is as follows: your first initial, middle initial, last name and then the last four digits of your 10-digit state ID number. If my name is Suzy Q Public and my state ID is 1234567890 then my email is and my password is 1234567890.

Third, make sure you are logged into Google if you are on a laptop or desktop (NOT a Chromebook). You MUST be logging into Chrome using your Jefcoed account. Make sure to log out of any other G-mail accounts you may have. 

Fourth, if you are still having trouble, please complete this form for us so we can get back in touch with your to assist you with logging in. 

Thank you for your patience. Your teachers know you are having trouble. We are all working together to make this work. 


Troubleshooting Form


If you're having sound issues, look at the URL bar (pictured below) and click on the lock. Make sure your sound is allowed!


image of URL bar from WebEx page