New Clay-Chalkville High School to be Built

Note From Dr. G 


During our board committee meeting on Tuesday, we discussed our intentions to build a new Clay-Chalkville High School.  I would like to give you some insight and facts into how we arrived at that decision.  We know there are multiple schools with various needs throughout the county.  In an effort to prioritize those needs, our capital planning committee meets several times a year and thoroughly researches and discusses the situations at all our schools.  At this time, they are recommending building a new Clay-Chalkville High School for several reasons, not the least of which is the large amount of growth the Clay community is experiencing.  The school is simply outgrowing its existing space and already has eight portable classrooms on campus.  

The committee’s recommendation marks the beginning of a more lengthy process.  Building any school, particularly a high school, takes time.  Our next step is to secure 100 million dollars in financing, which we plan to do by issuing bonds.  That process will likely take place in May.  In early 2025, we plan to take bids for building the school.  Once the bid is approved, it will take a few years for construction to be completed.  If all goes as planned, we will be able to occupy the new building no later than the 2027-2028 school year.

One thing we’re blessed with at the current site is land.  We have enough space to build the new facility on the same property.  Students will continue to attend classes in the current building, until the new one is ready.  The construction plans also include a new football stadium.  

Over the next year, we will release more specifics.  This includes design plans and artist renderings.  I am looking forward to sharing more details with you in the future.


Dr. Walter Gonsoulin