JEFCOED Update - April 7, 2023

JEFCOED Family, 

I wanted to briefly update you on where we are as we head into the weekend.  While repairing our systems from the ransomware attack is a tedious process, I am happy to say we are making progress each and every day!  I continue to be impressed with the diligence, commitment, and speed of our technology staff.

As I’ve previously mentioned, phone service has been restored to the main line of the schools.  We have also now restored limited connectivity to almost 50 campuses, for the exclusive purpose of ACAP testing.  These networks are not being used for anything other than that at this time.  They are not yet being used for instructional purposes other than state assessments.

Outside of the Chromebooks used for testing, all other devices should be turned off while at school.  This includes laptops, desktops, ViewSonic boards, MacBooks, etc.  Do not turn on a device while you are on one of our campuses.  We need everything to remain off while we repair the network.

Finally, I just want to thank everyone again for your patience and support this week.  This hasn’t been easy on anyone, but we will get there!  I will continue to communicate with you as developments warrant.  I hope you have a happy and safe Easter weekend.


Dr. Walter B. Gonsoulin