Chromebook Care

JEFCOED Parents,

We need your help!  In the summer of 2020, JEFCOED became a one-to-one district.  This means every child has access to a chromebook, paid for by JEFCOED.  However, since that time, we have continued to see numerous devices damaged or lost.  

Please help us in maintaining our current supply.  Talk to your students about handling their devices with care.  If your child brings a device home, please make sure it is stored in a safe location when it is not in use.  Don’t let your student take a chromebook into situations where it might become damaged or lost.  Students should not let anyone else borrow or use their device. More tips on ways students may take care of their device are linked here.

Students who damage a device beyond repair, destroy a device, or lose a device will not be provided with another one for personal checkout for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year.  However, students will be allowed to use a chromebook in their classrooms.  This will be done on a case-by-case basis when devices are needed for instructional purposes.  

If a student's family wishes for the student to receive another device for personal checkout, they may choose to make a donation for the amount of a replacement device. The student would then be provided with another personal checkout device for the school year. The current replacement cost is $346.32.  That price is subject to change.  Donations must be made to the local school by cash, check, or online payment.  Please contact your school for more information on this process.  

The district will continue to replace chromebooks as they age out (typically 3-5 years).  However, it is not financially feasible for us to continue to replace them at such a rapid pace when they become lost or damaged.  We want all our students to continue to have access to devices in and outside of school!  Please remind students of their responsibility for the appropriate use and care of devices.  Thank you for partnering with us to ensure these resources continue to be available to our students.  

All the best, 

Dr. Walter Gonsoulin