JEFCOED Graduating Seniors Earn Over 100 Million Dollars in Scholarship Offers


JEFCOED Graduating Seniors earn more than 100 million in scholarships

For a second consecutive year, JEFCOED is celebrating a group of seniors who were offered over 100 million dollars in scholarships. The approximate 103.8 million dollars in scholarship money surpassed last year’s total of 101.9 million.

JEFCOED also saw year-to-year growth in two other key areas. 1,079 JEFCOED students in the class of 2022 earned at least one scholarship, up from 913 students in 2021.  There were also 2,853 total scholarships offered, an increase from 2,810 in 2021.

“What an amazing accomplishment by the class of 2022.  To see year-to-year growth in all these areas shows a tremendous effort by our graduates and our employees.  I commend all the students for their hard work and wish you continued success at the next level.  Thank you also to our teachers.  Your commitment and dedication to our students from kindergarten to graduation make this type of success possible,” said Dr. Walter Gonsoulin, Superintendent of Jefferson County Schools.

Class of 2022 Exact Totals:

  • Total Scholarship Money Offered: $103,789,896
  • Students who were offered at least one scholarship: 1,079
  • Total Scholarships offered: 2,853