2020-2021 Education Support Person of the Year Awards

JEFCOED is proud to announce the Educational Support Person of the Year awards.  

Awards were given out at each school, as well as, to maintenance, transportation, and central office employees.  Each ESPY recipient showed exceptional dedication, initiative, professionalism, and a high standard of performance.  Each employee has been highly motivated during this tumultuous year and has earned the respect and admiration of their colleagues.

Winners were presented their awards by a board member or district administrator on Tuesday, May 18th.  The awards were donated by State Representative Louise Alexander of Alexander Unity Flower & Gifts.

To all our ESPY recipients we say THANK YOU for all you do!  


2020-2021 Winners:

Pamela Wilson - Adamsville Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Billy Parrish - Bagley Elementary School, Head Custodian

Jeannie Whisenant - Bragg Middle School, Paraprofessional

Joan Lucas - Brighton School, Administrative Assistant

Susan Dillard - Brookville Elementary School, Office Coordinator

Tonya Matthews - Bryan Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Hannah Johnson - Bryant Park Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Darryl Kelly - Burkett Center, Head Custodian

Dewanna Miles - Center Point Elementary School, Office Assistant

LaShunda Miller - Center Point High School, Nurse

Terri Giles - Chalkville Elementary School, Office Assistant

Laurie Orth - Clay Elementary School, Custodian

Tracy Avery - Clay Chalkville Middle School, Nurse

Becky Patterson - Clay Chalkville High School, Lunchroom Manager

Carol Morris - Concord Elementary School, Head Custodian

Camille Wiley - Corner Middle School, Child Nutrition Manager

Keith Humber - Corner High School, Head Custodian

Kimberly Dye - Crumly Chapel Elementary School, Administrative Assistant

Denise Reid -  Erwin Intermediate, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Jonathan Johnson - Erwin Middle School, Custodian

Brenda Rhodes - Fultondale Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program Manager 

Randy Jasper - Fultondale High School, Bus Driver

Lori Headrick - Gardendale Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Amanda Welshans - Gardendale High School, Administrative Assistant

TJ Mauldin - Grantswood Community, Head Custodian

Hannah Waits - Greenwood Elementary School, Pre-K Exceptional Education Aide

Mary Snow - Hillview Elementary School, Office Assistant

Angela Currence - Hueytown Primary School, Child Nutrition Program

Rhonda Gough - Hueytown Intermediate, Administrative Assistant/Registrar 

Juanita Smith - Hueytown Middle School, Custodian

Susan Glenn - Hueytown High School, Administrative Assistant

Brittany Alexander - Irondale Community, School Nurse

Adriane Himes - Irondale Middle School, Nurse

Heath Hawkins - JCCLC, Head Custodian

Lisa Floyd - JCIB, Financial Secretary

Angela Glenn - Kermit Johnson Elementary School, Nurse

Lewis Chaney - Lipscomb Elementary School, Head Custodian

Mary Jackson - McAdory Elementary School, Paraprofessional

Monica Spencer - McAdory Middle School, Office Coordinator

Stephanie Lawson - McAdory High School, Child Nutrition Program Manager

Tracey Long - Minor Community School, Office Coordinator

Teresa Sellers - Minor Middle School, Office Coordinator

Cynthia Woods - Minor High School, Exceptional Education Paraprofessional

Allison Hays - Mortimer Jordan High School, Nurse

Lindsay Newton -  Mt. Olive Elementary School, Office Coordinator

Jessica Oldfiled - North Jefferson Middle School, Paraprofessional

Joy Benson - Oak Grove Elementary School, Child Nutrition Program

Jill Stinnett - Oak Grove High School, Nurse

Amanda Weaver - Pinson Elementary School, Head Custodian

Jean McNew - Pinson Valley High School, Administrative Assistant 

Melinda Olencki - Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Custodian

Andrea Seright - Pleasant Grove High School, Paraprofessional

Ginger White - Rudd Middle School, Child Nutrition Program Assistant Manager

Harold Salter - Shades Valley High School, Head Custodian

Clee Vines - Snow Rogers Elementary School, Office Coordinator

Patty Brown - Warrior Elementary School, Office Coordinator 

Terri Parker - West Jefferson Elementary School, Head Custodian

Dwayne Edwards - Maintenance, Certified Technician

John Nation - Maintenance, Certified Technician

Adam Echols - Transportation, Mechanic

Mark Tarvin - Transportation, Inspector

Devon Hallmark - Burkett Center, Bus Driver

Dale Wilson - Kermit Johnson, Bus Driver 

Steve Abney -Mortimer Jordan, Bus Driver

Misty McCondichie - Burkett Center, Bus Aide

Robert Williams - McAdory Elementary, Bus Driver

Millia McCarty - Internal Audit, Staff Accountant

Kristen Hefner - Health Care Services, RN/Zone Nurse

Danielle Brown - Curriculum and Instruction, Administrative Assistant

Lugenia Bramblett - Child Nutrition Program, Secretary

Lyshia Miller - Child Nutrition Program, Area Specialist

Pamela B. Woods - Arts Education, Administrative Assistant

Ashley Stricklin - Operations, Executive Secretary