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Congratulations Science Olympiad!

Congratulations to the Science Olympiad team!  They came in 6th place out of 26 teams!  (Only 1 point away from the team in 5th place!)  Some of our big winners were:

1st place: Skylar Gardiner and Brynley Argo for Pasta Transporter

2nd place: Lauren McDaniel and Ava Abbott for Bridging the Gap

2nd place: Conner Foster and Parker Stanley for Paper Rockets

4th place: Kaia Ward, Isaiah Hyche, and Nery Padilla for Science Jeopardy

4th place: Skylar Gardiner and Hollie Martin for Straw Tower

4th place: Ava Abbott and Michael Tuggle for Aerodynamics

5th place: Ava Abbott and Lauren McDaniel for Bridging the Gap

6th through 10 place did not recieve a ribbon, but deserve an honorable mention.

6th place: Caleb Peterson and Nery Padilla for What Went By?

7th place: Brylie Martin and Alysa Kyzer for Grab-a-Gram

7th place: Josselin Padilla and Shelby Kendricks for Which Way's North?

8th place: Connor Foster and Dayana Hidalgo for Large Number Estimation

8th place: Lauren McDaniel and Dayana Hidalgo for Quick Sketch

8th place: Brynley Argo and Emily McDaniel for Deep Blue Sea

9th place: Isaiah Hyche and Parker Stanley for No Bones About It

9th place: Carson Cole and Hollie Martin for Sink or Float

10th place: Cadence Cole and Alysa Kyzer for Crash Landing


Our next competition is coming up on February 23.