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2018-2019 Warrior Teacher of the Year

Hello, I am Mrs. McCombs. I have been teaching for almost 18 years, and they have all been at Warrior Elementary.  I am currently the School Library Teacher (last 4 years) and previously taught 4th-5th grade Math (14 years). I knew I wanted to teach since I was in third grade. I love helping all students be successful and better understand the concepts they are learning!  I believe all students can learn! In the library, we learn about a variety of topics from locating information, researching personal topics of interest, to STEM (Science Technology and Math) hands-on activities and Makerspaces (activities that promote exploration/creativity/designing/sharing etc…) and most importantly the love of reading.  I try to encourage free choice all the time because the library is the place for students to read and explore things of their choice. Some examples of my lessons are robotics coding where students use Beebots, Ozobots, Dash/Dot, Sphero, Osmo, Mouse/Cheese, “Date with a Biography” where students read a biography to learn more about someone of their choice and we even have a “blind date” where students have to listen to facts to guess who they are going to read about before seeing the book, the Dewey Decimal Rap where students learn the Dewey groups and how to locate non-fiction information, Magnet makerspace where students explore how magnets repel and attract while building a construction of free design, etc… learning is endless when students come to the library.  I also love being the librarian because I get to help teachers and collaborate with them. I have the privilege of going into some of the classrooms to team teach, help with one-on-one student interventions, and assist where needed. I love my job and am so happy it has been here at Warrior Elementary!