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Warrior Elementary Learns About the Human Body

Warrior Elementary hosted a great program, BodyTrek, last week.  BodyTrek is a mobile, free-standing unit that travels to schools within 55 miles of Children's of Alabama. BodyTrek's mission is to provide children with a learning experience which will enable them to make positive health choices now and in the future. Truly innovative in its design, BodyTrek delivered a supportive and sensitive learning experience for Warrior Elementary students through a series of interactive exhibits that make learning about good health and healthy choices interesting and fun.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Children's of Alabama collaborated to create BodyTrek. It's a place where Warrior students from kindergarten through the fifth grade learned about health and safety. The interactive focus areas of the exhibit include the heart, lungs, skin, nutrition, senses, brain, hygiene and injury prevention.

Children deserve a healthy start. Through BodyTrek, Warrior students experienced an exciting journey through the human mind, body, and senses that can provide information they may use for the rest of their lives.