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Graduation Plans for the Class of 2020

Pleasant Grove High School 

Graduation 2020


The Faculty & Staff of Pleasant Grove High School announce the Commencement Exercises for the Graduating Class of 2020 on May 22nd beginning at 11:00 AM.


Please know the following plan was designed to commemorate your accomplishments and adhere to recommended social distance.


All seniors and their families will be contacted with instructions for Graduation day.


  • One vehicle per family (this includes the vehicle containing the graduate) will line up in the bus lane on the left side of the school.
  • Vehicles will be lined up with honor graduates first followed by all other graduates in alphabetical order.
  • Once the vehicles containing the graduate and family are ready for graduation, they will be released to drive to the student parking lot on the football field side of the school. 
  • Once in the student parking lot, the graduate and family members will be allowed into the theatre. The number of family members allowed is 5. The family members will sit in the bottom seating area. The graduate will proceed to the stage entrance for the ceremony. Once the family is prepared, the counselor will call the graduate’s name where he or she will be presented with their diploma.
  • Once each student has received their diploma, he or she will exit the theatre along with family members, re-enter their vehicle, and exit the campus.
  • We will have professional video and photography during the ceremony.
  • All speeches will be recorded ahead of time for the final edited video.
  • The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department will be utilized to ensure the health safety precautions are adhered to.


Faculty & staff members will be on hand to assist and ensure that everything runs as smooth as possible.