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Important Information For Next Year

Please take a moment to read this message from Dr. Walter Gonsoulin our superintendent. A survey is also being shared.

Dear JEFCOED Family,

I know many of you have questions about the next school year. I have received numerous calls, emails, and texts asking about our plans. Let me bring you up to date on several topics.

Will traditional school be held this fall?

At this moment, we are planning to provide in-person traditional instruction. However, COVID-19 has shown us we have to be ready to pivot to plan B at a moment’s notice. At this time, I am not ready to make a final decision about our plans for two reasons. (1) Information about this situation changes almost daily. (2) We are waiting on final re-opening guidelines from the Alabama State Department of Education.

When will you make a decision and release a plan?

I anticipate releasing plans about the next school year sometime after July 4th. Rest assured, my executive leadership team and I are preparing for all contingencies. We will be ready!

When will school start?

Right now, the school year will begin on our original start date of August 25th.

Even if school begins in a traditional format, what other options will be available?

We are seeking input from parents of students in all grades relating to virtual school. We are requesting that all parents complete this survey ( to provide input regarding your child's return to school for the 2020-2021 school year.

Once again, the district will be releasing more information after July 4th. I will provide you with an official update at that time. Until then please take care of yourself and your family. We will get through this together!

Don’t forget to complete our survey.


Dr. Walter Gonsoulin