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A letter from your PE teachers

Students and Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a great year in PE at NJMS! Before the year started we wanted to cover expectations and needs. 


Grades will be broken down into 60% of the student’s grade value towards dressing out for physical education. Students will be allowed to dress out in the locker room five minutes prior to roll call. 40% of the student’s grade will be their proper participation in the daily activity implemented.  


Proper dress includes tennis shoes which are designed for the gymnasium floor. (No sandals, cowboy boots, crocs, or slides shall be allowed) Secondly, students should participate in shorts, sweatpants, or wind suit pants. No blue jeans or khaki pants shall be considered proper dress attire for credit towards dressing out. All clothes will be put in the student’s ASSIGNED PE locker during class. Students need to bring a combination lock to their PE teacher before being assigned a locker(Master Lock brand is cheaper, NO KEY LOCKS are allowed). Students will share the combination with their teacher for filing purposes in the event they forget the combination. At the end of the school year the locks should be removed by the students and can be saved for next year.  


Grades will be updated regularly in PowerSchool in order for parents to track the students progress. If there are any questions feel free to contact the school and we can discuss any question with you further. 


Coach Graves           

Coach Johnsey