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ACT Strategy Tips and Practice Test

Greetings Juniors,

I have attached copies of the ACT Strategy Tips and 2021-22 Released Practice Test from our goal-setting meeting. We know the key to doing well on the ACT is 60% content knowledge and 40% test taking strategies. Therefore, it is crucial for every junior to open the links below, learn the strategies, read the directions in the test booklet, and complete the practice tests over the break.

We believe in you and are proud of the growth you've made thus far.  Remember, we only have one week to prepare for the test when we return from spring break.  Let's give it our very best and work extra hard so we can ace the test on April 12, 2022. 

Kind regards,

Chari Dickson

Instructional Coach


ACT Strategy Tips

ACT 2021-22 Practice Test

ACT Goal Setting 11th Grade