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ALSDE/A+ College Ready Select Kallee Knox, MHS History Teacher, to Participate in the ITIP Cohort XV

Congratulations to Ms. Kallee Knox, MHS history teacher, selected by The Alabama State Department of Education, along with A+ College Ready, to participate in the Individual Training and Incentive Program (ITIP) Cohort XV for the next three years. 

The Individual AP Teacher Training & Incentive Program (ITIP) is a partnership between A+ College Ready and an individual AP teacher from a school. The individual teacher is offered the benefits of the AP Training and Incentive Program. The purpose of this partnership is to help previous program schools keep trained teachers in AP classrooms when there is teacher turnover and to allow individual new teachers from schools that have never been part of the A+College Ready program the opportunity to receive training and support as they begin their Advanced Placement teaching experience.

Ms. Knox and her students will have access to training, incentives, equipment, curricular resources, and exam subsidies. Great job Ms. Knox!