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Click here: Schedule Change Request 2021-2022

Thank you for your patience!



Schedule changes for ELECTIVE courses will NO longer be available. ALL schedule changes MUST be approved by Dr. Eaton or an administrator. Students will only be allowed to request a schedule change for the following reasons:

1. The student is missing a core class or required elective (MATH SCI, HYS, ENG)
2. The student is missing a class on their schedule
3. The student has taken the course already
4. The student has a course on their schedule multiple times
5. The student decides NOT to participate in athletics/band/extracurricular or is removed.

6. 11th or 12th Grade student wanting to COOP.

Schedule Change requests were made available for ALL courses and students during registration which started on July 26th-Aug. 6th. To sure up scheduling and be prepared for the remainder of the school year, requests for elective changes are no longer available unless for one of the reasons mentioned above. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your grade level counselor or an administrator.

***Please note that a school error does not mean that a student did not get the electives he/she wanted. While counselors and administration try to make sure students get the classes that they listed on their course selection sheet, the master schedule, class sizes, etc do not always permit this. Remember, you will be notified by email if the request can be completed.

Respectfully, MHS Counseling Dept.

9th Grade - Ms. Peters (
10th and 11th Grade - Ms. Threatt (
12th Grade - Mr. Jones (
Registrar - Ms. Pope (