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Need 24 Hour Notice to Produce School Enrollment Form

Heads up for any student wanting to get a driver's license or permit this year. Please call the Main Office to give 24 Hour Advanced Notice for a School Enrollment Form.

Beginning this year, there is a disciplinary component as well as an attendance component to applying for a driver's permit or license in the state of Alabama.

As before, a student was not in compliance with attendance if they were a) not enrolled, or b) had 10 consecutive absences or 15 cumulative unexcused absences in a semester.

Additionally a school administrator must sign off on discipline. See page 77 of A Manual of State Laws and Regulations Disciplinary Point System for Alabama Code 32-6-7.4

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, each student over the age of 12 years who is enrolled in a public or private secondary school shall be subject to a disciplinary point system for an infraction committed on school property to determine the age at which the student shall be allowed to apply for a learner's permit, motor driven cycle operator's license, driver's license, or any license required by the State of Alabama for the operation of a motor vehicle or vessel.

The disciplinary points imposed for a disciplinary action shall be as follows:
(1) One day in-school suspension -- 1 point.
(2) One day out-of-school suspension -- 2 points.
(3) Alternative school placement -- 6 points.
(4) Expulsion -- 20 points.