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Weekly Announcements - Week of 12/13 to 12/17


As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 pandemic, parents, we need your assistance with ensuring safety for all of HMS faculty, staff and students. If someone in your home has tested positive for COVID-19 and your child is symptomatic, please follow the exclusion guidelines and contact Nurse Childs. If your child has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting results, contact our main office and keep your child at home until results have been provided. Parents, please contact Nurse Childs regarding COVID-19 related self quarantining. COVID-19 related absences are only provided if parents have contacted Nurse Childs and we have documented the COVID-19 absence. If you have any specific questions, please contact our main office. 


**Parents, please email your child’s teachers for make-up assignments if he/she is excluded from school due to COVID-19 exposure. 


Expired Immunization Card

Notifications for expired immunizations will be distributed this week. Parents will be contacted via email and voice message. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Childs.


Jefferson County’s Educational Opportunity-8th Graders Only

Jefferson County Board of Education is preparing to offer new learning opportunities for students. Signature learning academies are an innovative and unique approach to education that are designed to increase student engagement and foster in-depth learning within specific fields of interest. Each academy will offer unique courses and specialized learning opportunities, designed to equip students with practical knowledge and skills. This week 8th Graders will be participating in the Educational Opportunity Survey in preparation for high school. I have attached the program offerings for our zone. 

 New HS Zone 3


2nd Nine Weeks Core Common Assessment Schedule/Make-Up Work

Parents, we will facilitate our Core Common Assessments and make-up work this week. Students will have the opportunity to submit missing assignments for 75% of the original credit. Teachers will be communicating with students regarding missing assignments.

Math/Social Studies Assessments

Tuesday, December 14th

Language Arts/Science Assessments

Wednesday, December 15th

Make-Up Assessments

Thursday, December 16th 


HMS 12 Days of Christmas and Deck the Halls

HMS is celebrating Christmas. We are asking all faculty, staff, and students to participate in our 12 days of Christmas and Deck the Halls. Students may participate in the dress up days. All dress up days must adhere to the dress code. We will facilitate “Deck the Halls” during 2nd Period Advisory. Please review the attachments. 

12 Days of Christmas


Miss HMS Pageant

Deadline to register for the pageant is Thursday, December 16th. 


HMS Basketball Games

Students are not allowed to remain on campus to participate in after school basketball games. Students must leave campus and return for the games. Students who are remaining on campus will be trespassing.  


Parent Conferences

All parent conferences are scheduled through the main office. If you would like to schedule a conference with your child’s teacher(s), please contact Mrs. Davis in the main office. 



**Students are expected to be dropped off and picked up on the side of the building, not the main entrance. Parents are to remain in their vehicles when dropping off and/or picking up students. 

**Classes begin daily at 7:55AM.

**All check-outs must be facilitated by 2:30 PM daily


Student Announcements

Monday, December 13th: HMS Basketball Teams vs Fultondale, 4:30PM, HMS Competition Gym

Tuesday, December 14th: HMS Basketball Teams vs Rutledge, 4:30PM, HMS Competition Gym