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2020-2021 Gardendale High School Registration Information

2020-2021Gardendale High School Registration Information


All registration will be done online this year. This includes uploading all residency verification. Snap Codes were mailed to you during the week of July 20, 2020. You will need a copy of: 

  1. Lease or Deed
  2. 2 current utility bills (Power, Gas or Water). Cell phone and cable bills are NOT acceptable.

2nd Party returning students 10th-12th

2 Documents with parents naem and address (bank statement, pay stubs, car insurance, car tag registration) plus the above for the person you are living with.


Registration Dates

(Pick up schedules, pay fees, help with online registration)


12th Grade-----August 3, 2020------8:30-1:30

11th Grade-----August 4, 2020------8:30-1:30

10th Grade-----August 5, 2020------8:30-1:30

9th Grade-------August 6, 2020-----8:30-1:30


New Student Registration

August 10th 8:30-11:30 (After this date August 10, 2020, New Student Registration will be by appointment only 205-379-3600


Make Up Registration

August 11th  8:30-11:30


9th Grade Orientation

August 12th 9:00 - 11:00


2nd Party 9th Grade

If you are a 9th grader coming from Bragg and you will need to get a new principals checklist and new affidavit.