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Bevill State Torch Competition Winners

Bevill State Torch Competition Winners
These students placed at the Bevill State Torch Competition. The First Place winners received scholarship money towards classes at Bevill State. Congratulations!

First Place
Nathan Nguyen-Biology
Caleb Shirley-Male Vocal Solo
Caden Jay-Welding

Second Place
Carson Kim-Chemistry
Walker Layton-US History
Luke Cravey-PreCal/Trig
Jana Lovell-Biology
John Beasley-Govt & Econ
Tori Dahlgren-Female Vocal Solo
Zach Bryant-HVAC
Braxton Little-Welding
Jakobi Williams-Cosmetology

Third Place-
J J Osborne-HVAC
Colby Tittle-Welding
Caryn Derrico-Means-Cosmetology