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Letter to Parents

Dear Students and Parents:

The Counselors at Shades Valley High School are here to support the Shades Valley, Jefferson County Board of Education, and the Alabama State Department of Education mission to prepare all students to be college and/or career ready and to meet the challenges and high expectations of a twenty-first century global society. Our support is provided through planned programming based on an assessment of the needs of our students. We direct our efforts to supporting academic achievement, career exploration, and positive social-emotional health. Our services are delivered through individual meetings, small and large group meetings, response to immediate needs, parent conferences, collaboration with faculty and administration, parent and community programs, testing support and use of outside resources when needed. Currently we have a counselor for each graduating class cohort that will follow your student from ninth grade through their graduation. We strive to know each of our students and help them reach their full potential.

Using the Shades Valley website, is an excellent way to both contact the counselors and find valuable information for students. Each counselor has contact information on the website, including our phone numbers and email addresses. All of the counselors use email blasts to get information to parents. It is important that you keep a current email address on file with the counselors so you can receive information that is related to your student’s grade level. We also have a calendar of important dates related to school counseling activities, college and career planning, testing, military recruiter visits, and scholarships on the website.

College and career planning links are provided on our website. There is a link to the college admission tests, ACT and SAT, to help you start your registration for the tests. Our mission and vision as a counseling program and a statement of ethics that school counselors adhere to can be found through a link. As we continue to add information, we hope you will let us know what is helpful and what additional information we could include.

Our offices are open from 7:45 to 3:30. It is helpful if students use our appointment system. Teachers have been given a sign to post in classrooms with a QR code that can be scanned to link to the appointment request form and the link is also on the Counselor page of the Shades Valley website. Parents can call or email the counselor for an appointment. Counselors are often out of their offices to attend various parent conferences, administer standardized testing, and consult with teachers and administrators. We try to have at least one counselor in the office at all times in case a student has an emergency. Counselors can better serve your student if we keep our student and parent meetings on a schedule. 

We enjoy serving our students. Please let us know if you have suggestions for ways we can be of help to your student.

Penny Ford, Class of 2020
Kathy Chatman, Class of 2023
Jane Watkins, Class of 2022
Sherrilyn McGrew, Class of 2021