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Applying to Colleges or Technical Schools

How Many Schools Should I Apply To? 
It is advisable to limit your number of applications to no more than five schools.  A nonrefundable application fee is usually required for each application.  Some colleges will offer an application fee waiver for students who receive a free or reduced lunch.  If you think you qualify for an application fee waiver, see your senior counselor who will gather required documentation for this.  

High Reach and Safe Choice Schools 
High Reach Schools - These schools are those that admission may be a challenge due to high academic standards.  Choose two or three. 

Safe Choice Schools - These schools offer what you would like to take, and you meet their admission requirements.  You know you would be able to accept this choice. Choose two or three.  

When Should I Apply?
Seniors should start applying on September 1 as all college/technical school applications are live on their websites.  

How Do I Apply?
Go to the college/technical school website.  Find a link to "admissions."  You will be an "undergraduate student" or "incoming freshman."  Complete the online application.  If you need help, notify your senior counselor.  
Some students prefer to use The Common Application.  This is an undergraduate college admission application that allows you to apply to several colleges at once.  There are now over 700 colleges using their website:  Click Here.