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2019/2020 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Rodney Porterfield, Bryan Elementary’s 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year. Mr. Porterfield is a proud UAB Blazer who majored in Studio Art. He says, “I had a wonderful journey at UAB discovering that Art would be how I made my way in this world.” His first job was managing a ceramic studio that just so happened to offer art classes to inner city youths. That experience pointed him to art education and put him on the road to earning his Masters in Elementary Education at the University of Phoenix, and eventually his teacher certification. 

Mr. Porterfield has now been teaching art for 13 years. He says, “I can’t believe I found something that is so specifically suited to my gifts and talents. I feel privileged that I’m allowed to speak into the lives of so many young minds. I hope my message of joy, responsibility, and creative thinking takes root and develops positive, contributing young people as they make their own way through this world.”


Mr. Porterfield has two children that attend school here at Bryan Elementary, where he feels that the quality of education is great. He says that he is constantly amazed at the leaps and bounds his kids make week to week. When asked, his children always say that they’re enjoying their time here, and that’s a wonderful thing…making friends and gaining experiences that will last a lifetime.


Mr. Porterfield says, “All and all this has been a wonderful first couple of months! I count it an honor to be chosen as TOTY. I plan on continuing to contribute to this great faculty/staff, helping to challenge the young minds in our charge as they grow and mature. Thank you all for taking us in and treating us as family…it really means a lot.”