Our School

  • Gresham Elementary School is a part of the Jefferson County Board of Education.  Gresham Elementary is a kindergarten through fifth-grade school comprised of approximately 375 students and 50 faculty and staff members.  After 5th grade, students attend Irondale Middle School and Shades Valley High School.

    In 2007, the Jefferson County Board of Education renamed the former Gresham Middle School campus to GRESHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Our new school-home has been completely renovated to accommodate elementary school students.

    Our Philosophy:

    We understand that your child comes to us with unique experiences, interests, and learning styles. Our goal is to truly know your child, and use this knowledge to guide, support, and motivate him or her. We believe that good teaching requires continual professional development, personal reflection, and collaboration. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to partner with us to give your child the most powerful and joyous learning experience possible.

    Behavior Expectations:

    We have very high expectations for the students in our school.  We follow Jefferson County’s Code of Conduct.  Gresham students are here to achieve academically to their fullest potential.  We expect students to contribute in a positive manner to our classrooms.  School-wide Rules written by the students are visible throughout the school and enforced by all.  Please encourage your child to follow these rules and procedures.

    Each class has a system to help monitor behavior.  You will receive information about your child’s class procedures at the beginning of the year.


    Education is a partnership between home and school. We value parent involvement at every level and encourage you to collaborate with us. In order for this partnership to be effective, we need to be able to communicate. Please feel free to call, write a note, or e-mail us if you have concerns or questions about your child’s education.   We are always available to schedule a conference to discuss any issue or concern you have regarding your child please send us a note when phone numbers or addresses change.  While we do not anticipate emergencies, we always need to be able to reach you at any moment during the school day.    

Exterior of GES