• Continuous Improvement Plan 2019-2020

    Shades Valley High School’s Continuous Improvement Leadership Team met regularly from July to October 2019 to review the school’s mission and vision. The team examined data from surveys of stakeholders and different assessments to determine our strengths and weaknesses. Under the themes Learning and Engagement, the team members identified the critical initiatives to help the school community reach the desired objectives. The team also specified key measures that will help us know when we have reached our intended goals.

    Shades Valley High School Vision

    It is the vision of Shades Valley High School to be a model 21st century school providing diverse pathways for students to excel in a global society.  

    Shades Valley High School Mission

    The mission of Shades Valley High School is to prepare all students with the skills needed to be ready for college, career, and life.


    • All students can successfully learn/become life ready.
    • We use data to inform and continuously improve.
    • We work as a team for our students' success.
    • Our goal is to always become better.
    • Schools are safe and secure with appropriate supports.
    • Wise, equitable, and transparent use of resources creates an environment for success.



    • Students will be proficient on grade-level standards

    Critical Initiatives

    • Plan, provide, and monitor instruction to ensure success
    • Increase quality reading/literacy instruction
    • Increase quality math instruction
    • Increase quality collaboration/planning/professional development time for teachers

    Key Measures

    • Use of lesson plan template weekly
    • Pre-ACT, ACT, WorkKeys



    • Stakeholders will engage and contribute to the positive school culture.

    Criticial Initiatives

    • Increase student engagement
    • Increase teacher engagement
    • Increase parent engagement
    • Increase quality collaboration/planning/PD time for teachers

    Key Measures

    • ELEOT, iNOW, Kronos, Teacher Surveys
    • Discipline Infractions
    • Parent surveys, attendance at parent events