Degrees and Certifications:

Business Management and Administration

This department prepares students for careers in the field of Business Management and Administration. Rigorous instruction is provided to equip learners with knowledge and skills for pursuing additional opportunities in high school. Courses offered in this program at Corner Middle School include:

6th Grade Technology Education - The goal of this course is to increase technology fluency for students. Technology fluency enables students to use technology processes and products in everyday life to make informed decisions.

Middle School Computer Science - The goal of this course is to create digitally literate students that can use technology responsibly and appropriately to create, collaborate, think critically, and apply algorithmic proceeses. They can access and evaluate information to gain lifelong knowledge and skills in all subject areas.

Career Cluster Technologies II - The goal of this course is for students to investigate various engineering disciplines and related career paths. They develop communication and teamwork skills as well as increase their understanding of basic scientific and mathematic principles used in problem solving through the engineering design process.

Extended learning experiences to enrich and enhance instruction is reinforced through learner participation in FBLA. FBLA is the Career Technical Student Organization for this program. FBLA helps to prepare students for careers in business through academic competitions, leadership development, and educational programs.