Spring 2023 Schedule & Procedures

  • Exam Week is almost here. Please review the exam week schedule and procedures so there will be no misunderstandings. Links to the high school exemption requests will be available from Wednesday, May 10th, 8:30am to Thursday, May 11th, 3:00pm. Those links will be found in the navigation menu on this page. If you are using a mobile device, click the arrow next to the word Exams to view the drop down navigation menu.

    Exam Schedule

    Monday, May 15th

    Grades 9-12
    1st - exam    7:55-9:10
    2nd - class   9:16-10:05 (no exam)
    4th - exam   10:11-11:45

    Grades 7-8 
    1st - exam    7:55-8:30
    0 - exam       8:35-9:10
    2nd - exam   9:16-10:05
    3rd - exam    10:11-11:45

    Grade 6 
    6.1 - exam    7:55-9:10
    6.2 - exam    9:16-10:05
    6.A - exam    10:11-10:55
    6.B - exam    11:00-11:45

    Tuesday, May 16th

    Grades 9-12 
    3rd - exam    7:55-9:10
    2nd - class    9:16-10:05 (no exam)
    5th - exam    10:11-11:45

    Grades 7-8 
    4th - exam    7:55-9:10
    5th - exam    9:16-10:05
    6th - exam    10:11-11:45

    Grade 6 
    6.3 - exam    7:55-9:10
    6.4 - exam    9:16-10:05
    6.6 - exam    10:11-11:45


    • Regular attendance for all students is expected through Friday, May 12th.

    • Parents will not come into the building to pick up students. Students will be released at the end of each class period.

    • Students may not be checked out during exam periods. All students must be given the opportunity to complete their exams without interruptions from the intercom. Students will only be permitted to leave for check out at the close of each exam (9:10, 10:05, and from 11:45 to 3:00)

    • We will not call into a classroom during an exam period for a check out. Students will stay in class until the bell rings to dismiss the class. 

    • Students who bring a note to check out will turn it in to the last teacher of the day. Once the class period is over, students who turned in check out notes to their last period teacher must leave the campus within 10 minutes. Anyone remaining on campus who is not in his or her assigned class will be written up for skipping and will receive detention.

    • All check out notes collected by the teachers must be turned in to the office daily. Transportation for check-out students MUST be provided. Students who check out will not be allowed to ride the bus home.

    • Students who attend school after exams on May 16th will be consolidated by gender and receive extra academic instruction and/or work on iReady or ACT.