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  • Programs Offered at JCCLC:

    REACH Program - Realistic Educational & Counseling Help

    The REACH Program is a short-term behavioral program with an academic focus designed to allow students to maintain positive grades in classwork from their base school while develping positive behavioral skills. Students enrolled at the JCCLC will complete assignments using the Edgenuity.com based e-learning platform during their duration at the JCCLC. Studnets will also recieve 1 1/2 hours of positive behavioral support daily teaching skills such as : positive communication, anger management, self-advocacy, team work, and conflict resolution skills. Students assigned to the JCCLC REACH Program will complete a 30 or 45 day academic and behavioral program before being allowed to return to their base school. The overall length of stay is dependent on successful completion of each individual day as well as the student's completion of assignments in Edgenuity. 


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