Registering Your Children in Jefferson County Schools

  • All JEFCOED Schools Participate in Online Registration

    If you are new to Jefferson County Schools or have questions about your child’s zoned school, please call our district's Student Services Department at 205-379-2165 or contact the local school in your area.

    Steps to Register Your Child(ren) in Jefferson County Schools:

    1. Receive Snapcode
        1. The local school will provide you with a snapcode in order to complete online registration. Returning students will be sent their snapcode automatically in July.  Contact your child's local school for exact dates.
        1. Parents of new students must first contact the local school to receive a snapcode for registration.  Contact your zoned school for more information.
    2. Complete Online Registration - Please click the 'Begin Online Registration' button below after you have received your snapcode from the local school.
    3. Complete Residence Verification - Residence verification may be completed through the online registration process by uploading all required documents within the registration portal. 
      1. Items required are listed below.
      2. *If you choose not to upload your documents within the portal, you will need to provide your residence verification documents to the local school in order to complete the registration process. 
        1. Please check with your child's local school for more drop off times and options for residence verification documents.


    Options for traditional and remote learning will be provided for all students who have completed registration for the 2020-2021 school year.

Items Required for Residence Verification in Jefferson County Schools

  • Single Party Residence

    • Current Lease or Deed
    • 2 Current Utility Bills (Power, Water or Gas)
    • Parent/Guardian Picture ID
    • Student Social Security Card (requested not required)
    • Birth Certificate
    • Current Alabama Immunization Form

    2nd Party Residency
    Any person unable to produce residence documentation, as listed above, may prove residence as instructed below.

    • Provide the local school with the documents below.
    • The local school administrator will provide you with the information needed to complete your 2nd party residence requirements.

    Property Owner:

    • Copy of Lease or Deed - If the property is leased, the parent of the student is required to be added to the lease
    • 2 Current Utility Bills (Power, Water or Gas)

    Parent of Student:

    • 2 Proofs of Residence (Acceptable items include: Car Insurance, Bank Statement, Medical Bills, Current Pay Stub, Car Tag Receipt, Proof of Medicaid or Health Insurance)