Our Library

  • Library Services:

    • Assistance with selecting print and electronic research materials
    • Technology troubleshooting
    • Support for the integration of instructional technology
    • Promotion of literature
    • Ethical use of digital resources
    • "Maker Space" area

    Library Policies:

    We encourage student use of the library's literary and electronic resources. Here are a few guidelines to remember in order to use our materials responsibly:

    • Students may check out two books at a time for a period of two weeks. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances, with permission from the librarian.
    • Overdue fines will be .10 per day that a material is late.
    • If a book is lost, the replacement fee (well below what it actually costs to replace a lost item) is $15.00.
    • Printing in black & white is .10 per sheet.
    • Printing in color is .25 per sheet.
    • Copies are .25 per sheet.


  • Librarian:
    Molly Matlock

    7:45 am-2:30 pm
    *Extended times available upon request.