Our School

  • Erwin Middle School is located in the eastern section of Jefferson County in Center Point, Alabama. It was formerly Erwin High School.

    In 1957 the Jefferson County Board of Education purchased 38.38 acres of land from Sun Valley Acres, Inc. for the purpose of building a junior high school. This land company donated another twenty acres, making a total school acreage of 53.38 acres. The junior high school building consisted of twelve classrooms and a principal’s office.  

    A four-classroom annex and a locker room for physical education classes were added to the junior high area in 1963. At the end of the first year of school, there were 240 students enrolled in the junior high (grades 7-9).

    In the spring of 1964, the board decided to build a high school in this area. Plans called for the dividing of E.B. Erwin Junior High School into two parts- Erwin Elementary (grades 1-6) and Erwin High School (grades 7-12).

    During the 1964 school year, facilities were expanded to include a library, a lunchroom, and a two-story administration building with twelve classrooms. A two-story science wing was completed in the fall of 1965. In 1966, construction of a large gymnasium was completed. The sixteen-classroom wing that housed the junior high was added the following year. The home economics, art department, and vocational classrooms were added in 1971.

    The athletics complex was started in 1961 as a community project financed by funds raised by volunteers and interested citizens. The baseball field was completed in 1993 by the coaches and several volunteers. The tennis courts were added to the Erwin campus in 1995. In 1995, the athletics complex was named after retiring principal, Dr. Micheal E. Burkett.

    Erwin High School housed grades 7-12 from 1964 through 2011. In the fall of 2011, Erwin High School was renamed Center Point High School and grades 9-12 moved to a new multi-million dollar campus.

    Erwin Middle School named its first principal Mr. Jay Gary in 2011. He led the school its first three years and is now the principal of Center Point Elementary School.

    On August 21, 2014, Erwin Middle received its second principal, Mr. Kalvin Eaton. Mr. Eaton served in this capacity until June 2015. The Jefferson County Board of Education then appointed Mrs. Serra Peterson as principal. She began her appointment on July 1, 2015.

    Dr. Angela Bush serves as  Erwin Middle School's fourth principal and second female principal since its existence as a middle school. Dr. Bush's goal for EMS is to establish partnerships with all stakeholders while providing a welcoming and safe environment with instructional opportunities that enhance the whole student.

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