Our School

  • Bragg Middle School is a public school with an enrollment of approximately 800 students in grades 6 - 8.  Located in the northern section of Jefferson County in the community of Gardendale, Bragg Middle is in close proximity to the city of Birmingham, Alabama, and is a part of the Jefferson County School System.

    The school was originally called the Roy F. Bragg Junior High School and held its first full day of classes on August 31, 1976.  In 1996, the school faculty and administration embraced the Middle School Concept and the school became the Roy F. Bragg Middle School.  Addition of twelve new classrooms during the spring of 2002 changed the configuration of the school to a 6-8 facility.  The new classrooms allowed Bragg Middle School to enroll sixth-grade students from nearby elementary schools. 

    Bragg Middle School has been fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools since 1978.

    Bragg Middle School has attempted to create "smallness within bigness" by forming teams of teachers and students into families - two sixth grade teaching teams; two seventh grade teaching teams; and two eighth grade teaching teams.  This configuration ensures that every student is known well by at least one interdisciplinary team of teachers.  The average core curriculum class size is approximately twenty-five students per teacher.

    Bragg Middle School has organized the school day around seven periods of time that may be utilized in varied and productive ways by the school staff.  The core academic curriculum provides heterogeneous student groupings; however, honor classes are offered in math.  Each teaching team offers inclusion classes.  In these classes, an exceptional education teacher teams with a regular education teacher to provide more individualized instruction for students who are having difficulty reading the textbook material and completing assignments.  The exceptional education resource teachers provide study labs for students who need additional assistance in completing class projects or studying for exams.  Study labs are open to all students.  Bragg Middle School is working hard to be a developmentally responsive middle-level school.

    Bragg Middle School offers a variety of extra-curricular activities in fine arts, athletics, academic clubs, and student government organizations.  These activities help students to develop into all-around good citizens both academically and socially and help them develop leadership skills. 

    The Bragg Middle School faculty and staff have found the community to be fully supportive of the school, holding it in high esteem.  City leaders and parents publicly proclaim that the Gardendale area schools have had a positive impact on the community's property values and the community's ability to attract and retain business.