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  • Welcome to West Jefferson Elementary School!

  • About Our School

    Our school is a K-6 school located in West Jefferson, Alabama.  We currently have one class per grade level, which provides our teachers the opportunity to know each and every student, not just the class that they are teaching.  This small setting allows the teachers and students to develop a true caring relationship which makes every teacher invested in each student's success.

    Despite our small size, there are many opportunities for students at West Jefferson that are not available at other schools. Students can join the Science Olympiad Team, the Robotics Team, or the Future Problem Solvers Team. 

    Being in a small town, we are also fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with our town who support us in various ways throughout the year. One way they show their support is by purchasing technology for our school.  Our school can boast of a 1:1 ratio of tech devices to students prior to COVID as well as new ViewSonic boards in every classroom which is far greater than  any of the larger schools in the area.


Exterior of WJES