Our School

  • Welcome to Warrior Elementary School!

    As a Title 1 unit school in the Jefferson County School System, Warrior Elementary serves students in Kindergarten through fifth grade. The campus also has a Pre-K program with 16 students. Warrior currently has sixteen classroom teachers, including one ECH classroom teacher, to service a student population of 325; giving the school a 20:1 student to teacher ratio. In addition to classroom teachers, Warrior Elementary has one full-time administrator, a reading instructional coach, a speech and language pathologist, a technology and gifted teacher, a PE coach, .4 music teacher, .5 counselor, and a library media specialist. The school is also fortunate to have one interventionist, and two special education resource teachers.

    Our faculty is very aware of the diverse needs of each child and we strive to provide them with support in any way that we can. Our principal, Dr. Sandra Lyle, for the past three years is returning and the many structures that she has put in place to support our shared vision of leadership on our campus will continue. Many committees and teacher-led initiatives have been developed to meet the goals of the campus. The campus houses a Behavior Committee to focus on promoting preferred behaviors, a CILT team to maintain high expectations and continued learning of all faculty and staff, and PST to identify struggling learners and offer support in the form of early intervention.

    At Warrior Elementary it is our purpose to educate every student and prepare them for college or a career. We expect every student, parent, and teacher to use all available resources to make sure that our students are successful. We expect every student and teacher to grow in their education.

    At Warrior Elementary School, we strive to be WARRIOR ready.  We are continuously choosing our Words and working on our Actions. We are Respectful of others and Responsible for our actions. We encourage Integrity and Optimism through the day. And exhibit Resilience when learning is tough.

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