Our School

  • We believe that all.......

    • Students have the right to an environment that is safe and drug-free.
    • Students will have a curriculum that is challenging and developmentally appropriate that will yield high expectations of all students morally and academically.
    • Students' ability should be nurtured to enhance their self-worth, self-development, and academic skills.
    • Students should gain valuable educational experiences that are applicable to everyday life.
    • Students will have an opportunity to have their academic achievement monitored by a variety of assessments and evaluations.
    • Students have a right to be exposed to an environment that facilitates parents, teachers, and the community collaborating to improve the quality of education for children.
    • Students should be taught and led by staff teachers and administrators who value and participate in professional development.  

    Hillview School Pledge

    I pledge today to do my best in reading, math and all the rest.
    I promise to obey the rules in my class and in my school.
    I'll respect myself and others too.
    I'll expect the best in all I do.
    I'll keep my school clean and safe, come every day and not be late.
    I am here to learn and I'll say it aloud.
    I'll always be tiger proud!