JEFCOED Curriculum & Instruction

  • The Curriculum & Instruction Department oversees the general education program for all 57 Jefferson County Schools and offers a variety of educational programs and opportunities for students.

    Assessment & Standardized Testing:

    • Students in grades 3-8 take the Scantron Performance Series assessment. This assessment measures progress towards being college and career ready by the time a student graduates high school. This assessment is used to evaluate the effectiveness of school programs and instruction and to identify areas students may need additional help to master.

    • Students in 11th grade take the ACT. The state of Alabama pays for one administration of this college entrance examination (taken in the spring of the 11th-grade year) so all students have an opportunity to consider all available post-high school options. Students who earn the college-ready benchmark score on any of the subject tests are considered "college ready" in that area.

    • Students in 12th grade take the ACT WorkKeys. This assessment measures key skills employers want their workers to have. Students who score at the silver level or above on the WorkKeys are considered "career ready" by the state of Alabama.