Our History

  • Adamsville Elementary School began in 1884 as a small log cabin. The coming of the railroad and rapid population growth led to the use of Black's Chapel Church as a school building. In 1898 the county constructed on Alabama Avenue a white frame two-story building that served the Adamsville community for the next 22 years.

    A fire destroyed the school in 1920. A new building containing eight classrooms and a lunchroom was completed in 1921. This building was enlarged in 1942. An auditorium and more classes were added in 1949. Yet more classrooms, an office and the school's first indoor restrooms were added in 1953.

    The present school facility at 4600 Hazelwood Road was completed in 1980. Four additional classrooms were added in 1988, with another four added in 1998.

Inside entrance of Adamsville Elementary