Transfer Categories

  • There are three (3) categories of transfers which are available to students: 

    1. Substantial hardship transfer. Substantial hardship transfers are transfers granted as a result of a substantial, extraordinary, and compelling hardship which is unique to the student or his or her family. Situations which justify a hardship transfer are exceedingly rare. They have been granted in the past for students displaced by fire, tornado, or natural disaster, for those with medical emergencies, or for other family crisis. Hardship transfers are not available to those experiencing problems shared by many such as transportation difficulties, daycare, housing issues, social issues, or the desire to attend a school to be with family, friends, or for a change of environment. Hardships must be supported by detailed documentation, and will be evaluated by the Director of Student Services. 

    2. Racial desegregation transfers. Racial desegregation transfers are transfers which help the school district meet its court ordered desegregation obligations. These transfers are evaluated utilizing court-approved criteria, and are designed to help each school in the system move closer to the system-wide racial composition. Desegregation transfers are available to students of all races, and depend on the ethnic compositions of both the school from which the student is transferring and the school to which the student wants to transfer. Availability of racial desegregation transfers at specific schools will change from year to year as space and demographics allow. Parents are encouraged to contact the Department of Student Services for information regarding the availability of racial desegregation transfers. 

    3. Employee transfer. Employee transfers are available to children of Board employees under certain circumstances outlined more specifically in the official guidelines. The employee must be the child’s legal and custodial parent or guardian, and the child must reside with the employee. This transfer is also contingent upon available space at the desired school.

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