• Accessing eSchool Payments

    Accessing eSchool Payments

    To access eSchool Payments, click here

    The eSchool Home Page will display. From here you may click on "Proceed to Payment Pages" button, to pay fees for specific school, or click on the "Lock" to access Login, where you enter your User Name and Password. 

    Proceed to Payments Pages

    Click on the "Proceed to Payment Pages"

    Schools Page

    Click on a Page Name to view the parent/student demographics and fee items.

    After paying fees for one student, click on the same school name again, or on another school name to pay fees for a different student. The process of entering parent/student information, selecting fees and being directed to the TrustCommerce site, where the credit card information is entered, is performed separately for each student. A convenience fee is charged for each credit card payment.  (THE CONVENIENCE FEE IS $2.95 FOR JEFCOED, CURRENTLY.)


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