• Marketing

    This program is for students who are interested in pursuing careers in marketing. Courses provide an overview of career opportunities which are available in every sector of the economy and require individuals working in marketing to become familiar with topics including sales, marketing, customer service, telecommunications, research, and media. The marketing program requires planning and performing marketing activities to achieve the organizational objectives. Courses within the Marketing Program consist of Marketing Principles, Entrepreneurship and Sports Marketing.

    Cooperative Education Program

    The Cooperative Education Program is designed for the student and the teacher coordinator to meet each week to discuss job-related opportunities and issues. While in the program, students must adhere to the 140 work hour expectation at the job site. The student and the teacher coordinator also meet to discuss the student's monthly evaluation and job-performance observation.

    Marketing/Cooperative Education Program Brochure

    Mr. Davion Singleton
    Marketing Instructor