Signature Academies
  • Pinson Valley High School students will have the opportunity to participate in 6 Signature Academies, either at Pinson Valley High School or one of the Northern Zone schools.

    If a student enrolls in an academy at another school, JEFCOED buses will provide transportation.

    The JEFCOED Signature Academy Application Portal opens on January 9th, 2024. 

    Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, January 31st, 2024 at 4:00 p.m.

    Applications should be completed by parents and guardians only.


    Current Signature Academy Students or students who have already accepted an award letter for an academy should not complete a new application.
    Signature Academies are optional. Students are not required to participate.


  • Provides students with an opportunity to take all required courses for a high school diploma and all required courses for an associate’s degree concurrently. Students will graduate from high school with the capacity to engage and perform in a high-demand technical field career earning a family-sustaining wage or enter a four-year college as a junior. 

    Course Pathways
    • ACE - 4 Year Transfer Pathway
    • ACE - Medical Office Administration Pathway
    • ACE - Computer Science Pathway
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    Business Partners/Colleges 
    Lawson State Community College 

  • Prepares students with real-world, hands-on activities that will help them to gain knowledge and credentials in cyber ethics, network systems and security, computer boot processes and drive, intrusion detection, ethical hacking, cryptography, virtualization, cyberterrorism, and the applicable laws and administrative procedures of cybersecurity.  

    Courses Offered/Prerequisites
    • Information Tech Fundamentals at Home School
    • Networking Ⅰ Fundamentals at Home School
    • Cybersecurity Ⅰ PLTW at Home School
    • Jeff State Cyber-Security Dual Enrollment Courses

    Career Opportunities
    Software Developer ($89,600)
    Computer Systems Analysts ($82,700)
    Computer Network Support Specialist ($71,000)
    Web Developer & Digital Interface Designer ($75,600)

    Business Partners/Colleges
    Innovation Depot
    Ed Farms
    Jefferson State Community College

  • Provides students with classroom and lab activities covering 5 pathways- Power, Structure, and Technical Systems; Environmental and Natural Resources Systems; Animal Systems; Plant Systems; and Agribusiness Systems. Gain knowledge of basic safety, construction math, hand and power tools, construction drawings, basic rigging, communication skills, employability skills, and material handling.

    Courses Offered/Prerequisites
    • Fundamentals of Agriscience
    • Intermediate Agriscience
    • Advanced Agriscience
    • Applied Agriscience

    Career Opportunities
    • UDA Inspector ($51,527)
    Turfgrass Management ($54,527)
    Agricultural Sales Representative ($57,972)

    Business Partners/Colleges 
    • Agri-AFC LLC
    HOAR Construction
    Spire (formerly Alagasco)
    Lawson State Community College

  • Develops an understanding and appreciation of the engineering design process through enlightening and interactive classroom projects. Students will have the opportunity to view engineering through its many lenses, exploring the different fields of learning and career choices that they can pursue, while improving their skills at the same time.

    Courses Offered/Prerequisites
    • Engineering Essentials
    • Intro to Engineering Design
    • Principles of Engineering
    • Digital Electronics
    • Engineering Design & Dev
    • Computer Integrated Mfg

    Career Opportunities
    • Electrical Engineer ($95,000)
    • Materials Engineer ($94,000)

    Business Partners/Colleges
    • Bevill State Community College
    • University of Alabama

  • Equips students with a strong introduction to cooking and the culinary arts. Students will complete the academy with the foundational knowledge of how to manage and execute a successful culinary operation, complete with opportunities for students to earn credentials within this industry. Students will practice other transferable skills like communication and teamwork.

    Courses Offered/Prerequisites
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Culinary Arts Ⅰ
    • Culinary Arts ⅠⅠ
    • Baking & Pastry Arts 
    • Event Planning

    Career Opportunities
    • Chefs and Head Cooks ($59,000)
    Food Service Managers ($61,000)

    Business Partners/Colleges 
    • Alabama Power
    • Bevill State Community College  
    • Jefferson State Community College  
    • Ross Bridge Golf Resort  

  • Students gain proficiency in special effects make-up creation and application, mask making, prop making, and creature creation. This academy will provide maximum opportunities for creativity and innovative artistic output while in school. Beyond the classroom, students will be introduced to artists in residence and professional organizations.

    Courses Offered/Prerequisites
    Art 1
    • Art 2
    Special FX 1
    Special FX 2
    Special FX 3
    Special FX 4
    Special FX Independent Study
    AP or Portfolio
    Options: AP 3-D Design
                          Portfolio Crafts 4

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