• Last year, Bagley Elementary School implemented the Positive Behavioral
    Interventions and Supports or P.B.I.S. program to promote positive behavior and a
    safe learning environment.
    Research shows that when students are in a positive school climate, they are more
    likely to have higher test scores, greater academic success, and develop necessary
    social and emotional skills (What is PBIS, 2019).
    Please join us in continuing to provide a positive school environment with:

    The Bagley Way! Every Day!
    Be Respectful
    Embrace Learning
    Show Responsibility

    This year, we have implemented a P.B.I.S. gameboard. You may have seen the
    gameboard in your student’s communication folder. When a student completes the
    gameboard with five stickers, the student may come to the office to choose a reward
    at our P.B.I.S. store.
    The store is filled with stuffed animals, pop-it items, bouncy balls, coloring books,
    sunglasses, finger puppets, etc. Please congratulate your student for their positive
    behavior as they are rewarded with stickers and complete their gameboards!