• 2021-2022 3rd Grade Supply List

    1-pack, WIDE-ruled loose leaf paper
    2-Plastic folders with brads and pockets
        (red & blue)
    2-24 packs of TICONDEROGA YELLOW
      pencils   (no mechanical pencils)
    2-WIDE ruled Composition notebooks
    1-One subject spiral notebooks
    2-24 pack of crayons
    6-large glue sticks

    1-pack of 3X5 index cards
    3-packs post-it notes
    1-pack Expo markers
    1-ream of copy paper
    5-boxes of Kleenex
    1-paper towel roll
    1-LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer
    2-Clorox/Lysol wipes
    1-box of band-aids
    1-box of gallon Ziploc bags
    1-box of quart Ziploc bags

    ***NO Binders Please***