• Schoology and Google Drive


    Reconnecting the Google Drive Assignments App 

    The Google Drive Assignments App leverages the permission-sharing capabilities of Google Drive. A student copy of the assigned document is created when a student opens an assignment using the Google Drive Assignments App. This copy is only shared with the instructor who created the assignment and the student who opens it.

    Sometimes, errors can occur for students using this workflow because:

    • A student attempts to view a file and discovers they no longer have access. A Google account and/or privileges had previously given them access to the file, but now they are using a different Google account and cannot access it.
    • A student attempts to view a file and discovers they no longer have access. They are logged into Schoology but are not actually logged into a Google account.

    These errors can be resolved by logging out of the Google Drive Assignments App and logging back in. Schoology has added a link to make this process easier. This allows students to reconnect to the app with the correct Google Drive account and load the document successfully.

    This link appears for students viewing their own documents in the My Document tab:

    Step 1 —  Click the link in the top right corner above the document.


    Step 2 — Click Connect to login to your Google Drive account.

    This will launch a new window prompting you to log in with your Google Drive account.


    Once you’ve logged in, Schoology will automatically reload the document. If this does not resolve the issue, please reach out to your instructor for further assistance.


    From <https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013059593-Reconnecting-the-Google-Drive-Assignments-App-with-Force-Log-Out-Students->



    How do I use my Google Drive in Schoology?

    Install the Google Drive Resource App

    To submit items from your Google Drive to an Assignment, you must have the Google Drive Resource App installed. Depending on the settings at your organization, you may be able to install the app yourself. Reach out to your teacher or System Administrator with any questions on this process.

    1. Click Resources at the top of your home page.
    2. Select Apps on the left.
    3. Click Install Apps under My Resources Apps.
    4. Select Google Drive Resource App in the pop-up menu.
    5. Click Install to add the app to your resource apps.
    6. To connect the app to your Google account, click Connect.