Frequently Asked Pre-Enrollment Questions Grades 6-12

  • Will there be a way for me to monitor my student’s activities as far as what he/she has to do, what he/she has done, grades, and when assignments are due?

    Yes and no.  The guardian account for students in grades 6-12 shows the student's overall grade in the class as well as the number of assignments expected vs actual assignments completed.  Example screenshot:

    Sample guardian Account Snapshot

    However, we recommend sitting down with your student at least once a week to look over individual assignments and due dates for those assignments while logged in to his/her account.  Students can complete assignments in any order, but we recommend that students complete the lessons first (indicated with a bookmark) and wait to complete the discussions, course activities, and unit activities until the end of each unit when they have a better understanding of the concepts.  Example screenshot:

    Screenshot of student assignment due dates

    If my student enrolls in JCVAL for the second semester and ends up not being happy with this format, would it be difficult to put him/her back in traditional school next year since the Virtual Academy is a long-term learning pathway?

    Students should have no trouble transitioning back to a traditional brick and mortar school next school year if he/she chooses to do so.  Since the course structure and pacing is different, transitioning back during a school year while courses are in progress is very problematic.

    How much time would you estimate a student would need to spend online per day to be successful?

    Students in grades 6-12 should expect to spend about 4 1/2 to 5 hours per day to be successful.  This time varies for each student due to learning styles.

    Would my student take the same classes that he/she currently has scheduled for the second semester?

    If we have the course in our Virtual Academy course catalog, he/she will be able to take the same courses.  Please provide us with specific course titles to receive a more precise answer.

    Math is a subject my student really struggles to understand. Is there a lot of support in courses like this?   

    All of our courses have a tremendous amount of teacher support.  Students must be self-motivated to do what is necessary to receive that support.  This is an example of our live lesson schedule:

    Live Lesson Schedule

    This is our current Live Help Schedule:

     Live Help Schedule

    Will my student be required to attend a certain number of live classes each day?

    Attending live lessons is the best way for students to receive much-needed support.  However, students are not required to attend a specific number of live lessons each day.  They are required to stay on pace, communicate/check-in regularly with their teacher, and respond to emails within 24 hours.