Degrees and Certifications:

Career Tech

Family and Consumer Science

The Family and Consumer Science classes offered at CCMS are FCS Explore, Teen Discoveries, and Teen Connections. These classes allow students to learn life skills and explore a variety of topics related to Personal Discoveries, Clothing, Child Care, Housing, Consumerism, Food and Wellness, and Technology and Careers. Hands-on activities and experiences conducted in the classroom and laboratories are important components of this class.  
Health Science
Health Exploration is an elective course designed to introduce students to career opportunities available in the health care system in a fun and interactive way. This course combines health care knowledge and academics to provide a framework for progression to future jobs in the healthcare setting. This course is recommended for students who want to prepare for further health-related courses offered in high school and at the postsecondary level. 
Business Education
Business Education classes offered at CCMS are Computer Essentials, Technology Education and Computer Science. In these classes students learn various aspects of working with computers. Computer Essentials and Technology Education introduce students to word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, databases and internet research. Computer Science introduces students to the world of coding and helps them gain an understanding of how to create images, websites and apps by using computer code. 
Career Clusters Explorations
Career Clusters is an elective course that primarily focuses on technology advancements within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics field for middle school students. Students will explore the 16 different career fields and the technologies associated with them in an interactive format. Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills in the application of design, production, services, and systems in the fields of agriscience, energy and power, communications, transportation, manufacturing, and construction technologies. This class will also help develop workplace readiness skills and provide for personal and professional growth for the students. 

Business Skills Development
Business Skills Development is an elective course that further develops the students business and technology skills. Workplace skills, personal and professional growth are key focuses within this class. Students will create business projects, documents, and forms all while learning about careers, essential soft skills, interpersonal skills, and personal finance concepts. Projects and simulations will drive the class and help students develop the workplace and life skills needed to be successful.