• Fourth Grade Supply List

    3 packs of pencils (Ticonderoga Prefered)

    2 box of 24 ct. crayons

    1 pack wide ruled notebook paper

    1 pack markers 

    Pencil top erasers - not white

    1 bottle glue

    3 rolls of paper towels

    $30 Donation (optional)

    Pencil pouch

    4 plastic 3 pronged folders (blue, red, yellow, and green)

    1 pack CRAYOLA colored pencils

    5 reams of copy paper

    2 black sharpie markers

    1 white poster board

    1 CRAYOLA watercolor paints

    5 composition notebooks

    1 box of Kleenex

    Chlorox Wipes (3 or 4 pack)

    2 glue sticks

    1 pack of sticky notes

    1 pack of notecards

    BOYS optional donations:

    Black dry erase markers

    Quart Size baggies

    GIRLS optional donations:

    Highlighters (assorted colors)

    Gallon size baggies