• 8th Grade

    Try your hand at a roller coaster. It will test your skills of speed, mass, gravity and friction. There are two options: one where the coaster is locked to the track and one where it isn't. Good luck and take pictures of your success and failures and tag us in them

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  • 7th Grade

    Go outside and look at the ecosystems around you. What abiotic or biotic factors do you see? How many can you list? See any examples of symbiotic relationships? Take a picture and tag us.

    The Georgia Aquarium has their webcams LIVE and you can control the cameras (you may have to wait in "line" for control). You can see their different exhibits such as Ocean Voyager, California Sea Lion, Southern Sea Otter, African Penguin , Piranha and more 

    The Cincinnati Zoo has daily Home Safari's on their YouTube Channel

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  • 6th Grade

    Check out Weather Wiz Kids, its got some great information on earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. 

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